BUSH: TIMING SIDE AXLE   017025 017377  62.89  


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017489 BUSH: TIMING SIDE AXLE 017025 017377

Bush, timing side axle, 1952-1953 (Flanged. NB check, also fitted to some 1951 models) . Also replaces 1941-47 41-G3-E27 bush & R-137/41-G3-E541 bearing assembly, 017025 017377

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Price :  56.60 each

Price :  67.92 each (incl. VAT)

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Price :  62.89 each

Price :  75.46 each (incl. VAT)

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Length: 38 mm
Height: 36 mm
Weight: 95 grams
BUSH: TIMING SIDE AXLE   017025 017377

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